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Find the hidden words in this casual word search game just like the pen and paper games you played as a kid! Learn new and complex words and train your eye to quickly spot and recognize the hidden words as fast as you can. This game is simple and fun but also challenging and makes you think. You'll find both short and easy words and long ones you may have to look up in a dictionary! What a great way to have fun and expand your vocabulary! This game is suitable for all ages and contains no violence whatsoever. All words are filtered to be appropriate but they may be long and complicated. You can also switch the language and learn words in another language to expand your vocabulary when trying to speak a new language.

★ Easy and simple controls, anyone can play
★ Clean UI and design
★ Massive word randomization list so you'll never run out of stuff to do
★ Both simple and complex word selection to challenge you just the right amount
★ Multiple language support for all sorts of countries
★ Pencil color selection, what's your favorite?
★ Able to select from different size word databases
★ Completely free to play, no microtransactions
★ Play as long as you want, no lives or energy

How to play:
★ Find a word in the box of letters
★ Use your finger to draw over the word just as if you were using a pen
★ If the word is correct, a colored circle will remain and the found word will be scratched from your list
★ If the word is incorrect, nothing will happen! Try again!
★ Keep going until you beat the entire board, how long will it take you?
★ How many words can you find?
★ How many puzzles can you beat?

Play Word Search Puzzle Finder now for free and enjoy hours of fun!

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