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Help Frankie the Frog get to... wherever he's going! The Walking Pets is a free retro casual arcade adventure game! Jump and walk your pet, how hard could it be? Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the controls. Get ready for one of the most challenging, trickiest and addictive games around! Dodge all sorts of obstacles like arrows, boulders, fireballs, saws, and more!

In Walking Pets you control several beautiful pets with the sole purpose in life of walking forward and crossing the different obstacles and terrain like rivers and fields. You will have to avoid dangerous waters, deadly fire, sharp toothed sawblades and plenty of other surprises waiting to eat you alive!

Collect as many coins as you can and buy other adorable pets for this game.

How far can you go?


●Tap or swipe in the direction you want your pet to move

●Collect coins as you go

●Go too slow and the poison fog will kill you

Features Include:

●Simple controls - tapping and swiping for jumping and walking

●Tons of obstacles like arrows, fireballs, sawblades, and more

●Collect coins on the map while playing

●Coins set your score

●Claim a high score

●Adorable unlockable pets

●Simple cute design works on most devices

●Free to play with no microtransactions

Tap or swipe to see how far you can take your pet in this frogger inspired classic crossy game! What's your high score?

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