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Spot On Dot Connect is both challenging and addictive. Tap to stop the rotating red dots when they're on top of yellow dots to score a point and keep moving. It's much more difficult than it sounds and requires quick reflexes and precision!

Your goal is to gain the highest score and longest combo! You just tap to stop moving the ball in the right spot to pass the challenge. You have to react fast enough and match your speed with the game speed. If you miss the dot you'll have to start over!

If you time it just right and get it entirely and complete in the center of the yellow dot you can connect a perfect!

How to Play:
◉ Tap to connect your red dot to the yellow dot
◉ Aim directly for the center of the yellow dot
◉ Miss and you have to restart

Game Features:
◉ Easy to Learn, Hard to Master.
◉ Clean Graphics, Fun & Very Addicting
◉ Very Challenging
◉ Simple Controls
◉ Small Memory Occupation
◉ Totally Free

What's your highest score?

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Spot on Dot Connect v1.0.apk 27 MB

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