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Challenge your precision and skill in Putt Pro, a free mini golf game perfect for a clean, easy, and fun time.

The concept is simple! The dotted lines show where you're aiming, tap the screen and HOLD when it's aiming in the direction you want to shoot. Then your power will adjust up and down, release when you're at the desired power and your mini gold ball will shoot! Hopefully you can snag coins on the way to scoring your hole in one! Watch out, there is a time limit on each shot so you have to be quick! You'll get the hang of it, it's all easy controls with just the touch of your finger! But nonetheless it's still incredibly challenging to aim!

Putt Pro tests your speed, thinking skills, sharpness, focus and of course your mini golf skills!

How to Play:
◉ Tap to start
◉ Select your location
◉ Adjust speed and strength according to distance/length
◉ Grab coins if you can!
◉ Put the ball into hole!

Game Features:
◉ Easy to Learn, Hard to Master.
◉ HD Graphic, Fun & Very Addicted
◉ Impossible Challenges
◉ Simple Controls
◉ Amazing Clean Game-Play
◉ Small Memory Occupation
◉ Totally Free

Enjoy the game! How far can you make it? What's your high score?

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Putt Pro v1.0.apk 23 MB

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