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Escape : Lifelines is a free action platformer game and a story of survival and escaping against all odds as you play as Ultra the main character in this incredibly difficult and challenging game. You have 3 lifelines (hearts) and will have to run through the level without dying to the many perils, jumping over pits of spikes and blasting enemies that want to kill you.

Ultra is stranded, you have to escape through incredibly difficult levels. Be patient! Enemies are fast and ruthless you must make careful decisions. This game is not easy!

For a few brief hours I cared – really cared – about the fate of a completely fictional character to escape.

In the game Escape :3 Lifelines Ultra has a gun blaster to use to defeat the enemy monsters attacking him.

In order to beat a level you have to clear the hurdles and many enemies including monsters that shoot, fly, and jump to reach the level door and continue to the next level.

Collect power ups for your gun blaster on the way to become stronger.


★Use the arrow keys to move the character

★Use the jump button to jump

★Use the fire button to kill enemies

★Reach through the level door to escape through the level

★Do not touch the spikes

★Do not touch any enemies that are flying, shooting, or jumping

Play Escape : 3 Lifelines now for free and enjoy hours of fun inspired by Megaman in this side scroller platformer action game!

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