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Color Race Blitz is an epic color switching gravity control game featuring challenging yet simple gameplay.

Use your finger and tap to switch the direction of gravity, causing your ball to go up or down. You have to match the color of your ball to the spot on the gates moving towards you in order to move beyond. After each gate, the color of your ball will change so you'll have to keep adjusting gravity and keep matching the color to race on in this really challenging color matching game.  The blitz just keeps coming there will be no time to rest! If you come in contact with a rectangular gate of the wrong color, you'll lose! Also, if you tough the top or bottom walls you will also lose! This game seems simple but is so difficult I bet you won't even get a high score of 10!

How to Play:
◉ Tap fast enough to switch gravity
◉ Race through rectangular gates
◉ Pass only if your ball color matches the gate color
◉ Avoid wrong combination or you will lose

Game Features:
◉ Easy to Learn, Hard to Master.
◉ Clean Simple Graphics, Fun & Very Addicting
◉ Very Challenging
◉ Simple Controls
◉ Amazing Game-Play
◉ Small Memory Occupation
◉ Totally Free, No Microtransactions

How far can you get? What is your high score? Download Color Race Blitz now and play for free!

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